There are two ways to backup the content of your website:

  • Backup your files and database manually

You can download your website files using the File Manager in cPanel, or via FTP if your site consists of many files. If you are creating a backup of your primary website, you will need to download the files located in the public_html directory which is the document root folder of your account’s main domain.

Every other additional site (addon or subdomain) has its own document root folder which you get to choose upon the addition of the domain in cPanel. Their respective website files need to be downloaded from the folder you have chosen.

  • Using cPanel’s backup feature

You can back up your entire account using the cPanel’s built-in tool called Backups/Create Backup. In order to be able to create full cPanel backup, the size of your hosting account should be less than 5000MB (5GB). This backup will include all data currently in your account – files, databases, emails, etc.