Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) governs your use of products and services provided by NinjaSofts, or any of third parties that subscribed to or obtained the NinjaSofts services. This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) makes part of each contract NinjaSofts or any of such third parties enters with the Subscriber (The User) of such Services. This AUP is incorporated by reference into NinjaSofts Terms of Service and holds the meanings as provided into the Terms of Service.

The purpose of this Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is to enhance the quality of the Services provided by NinjaSofts and to protect the subscribers of our services and internet community as a whole, from any disruptive, illegal and irresponsible internet activities. This AUP applies to every subscriber of our services.

NinjaSofts reserves the right to change, or modify this AUP without prior notice to the Users. This AUP is applicable to NinjaSofts website and NinjaSofts services for the reason that any person who utilizes the website or services of NinjaSofts albeit of the fact that user is a subscriber may take any action utilising the website of NinjaSofts Web Hosting that a subscriber would be prohibited to take utilizing the Services.

The Services provided by NinjaSofts may only be used for lawful purposes. You agree to comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations in connection with your use of these Services. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, anytime. We reserve the right to remove or disable any material that we find in violation of this AUP in any manner without prior notice.

Your failure in the response to an email from the NinjaSofts abuse department within the specified time limit may result in suspension or termination of our Services.

  • Prohibited Uses

NinjaSofts prohibits the use of its Services for the activities set forth in this section. If a subscriber or any affiliate or subscriber of subscriber as we determine in our sole discretion constitutes a material breach of this AUP, will be subject to immediate termination of account without any prior notice and without any refund.

  1. Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights
    • The AUP prohibits the use of the Services to infringe upon anther party’s intellectual property rights. This includes but not limited to unauthorized copy, distribution, and publishing of movies, software, photographs, and books or any other copyrighted work. Any account found to be infringing on the intellectual property rights of others will be expeditiously removed or access to the material will be disabled. Sale or an offer to sell counterfeit merchandise will result in immediate termination of your account. The repeated violation of these prohibitions will result in suspension or termination of the account. NinjaSofts reserve the right not to offer its Services to such persons/businesses/institutions in future.
    • If you believe that your intellectual property rights are infringed upon, please email us at We follow the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notice and takedown procedures for copyright infringement claims.
  2. Use of Shared Account as a Backup/Storage Device

You are prohibited to use a shared hosting account as backup/storage device. You can have one CPanel backup of the same account. Your taking backup of backups is prohibited.

  • Unacceptable Materials
    1. The following without limitations is considered an unacceptable material on NinjaSofts servers;
  • Topsites IRC Scripts/Bots           IRCD (IRC Servers)      Proxy Scripts/Anonymizers
  • Image Hosting Scripts Autosurf/PTC/PTS/PPC sites     Mail Bombers/Spam Scripts
  • Banner Ad Services File Dump/Mirror Scripts             Commercial Audio Streaming
  • Escrow/Bank Debentures High-Yield Interest Programs      Investment Sites
  • Sale of Controlled Substances Prime Banks Programs              Lottery/Gambling Sites
  • MUDs/PBBGs/RPGs Hacker focused sites     Sites promoting illegal activities
  • Forums of illegal content Bank Debentures           Fraudulent Sites                        Mailer Pro
  • Push Button mail scripts Broadcasting of live sporting event streams         Tell a Friend Script
  • Bulk SMS Gateways Bitcoin Miners               Payday Loan Sites
    1. Pornography

Any kind of material that is determined potentially harmful to minors is strictly prohibited including any content that could be perceived child pornography. Any such website that hosts child pornography or links to child pornography will be suspended immediately without any notice.

  1. Other Prohibited Content

If we find any material being obscene, threatening and illegal, we may remove this material from our servers without prior notice. Any other content found in violation of our Terms of Service or AUP in any manner will be immediately removed from servers.

  • Unacceptable Resource Usage
    1. You are not allowed to;
  • Use twenty-five percent (25%) or more of our system resources for more than ninety (90) seconds at any point of time. Activities that could cause this excessive use including but not limited to CGI Scripts, FTP, PHP, HTTP etc.
  • Run stand-alone, unattended server-side processes at any point in time on the server. This includes any and all daemons, such as IRCD.
  • Run any type of web spider or indexer (including Google Cash / AdSpy) on shared servers.
  • Run any software that interfaces with an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network.
  • Run any bit torrent application, tracker, or client. You may link to legal torrents off-site but may not host or store them on our shared servers.
  • Participate in any file-sharing/peer-to-peer activities
  • Run any gaming servers such as counter-strike, half-life, battlefield1942, etc.
  • Run Cron entries with intervals of less than fifteen (15) minutes.
  • Run any MySQL queries longer than fifteen (15) seconds. MySQL tables should be indexed appropriately.
  • Resources Limits
    1. Disk space Usage for Windows

You are allowed to use 40% of allocated disk space for emails and 60% for web pages, databases, and logs. In the virtual world, there are situations when hosting panels/servers cannot monitor and enforce this limit. In such case, users must comply with the allocated disk space usage for windows when informed by NinjaSofts. The maximum email disk space usage should not exceed prescribed limit on any shared hosting account.

  1. Use of Starter Hosting for Business

Starter package are designed for hobbyists/ freelancers and are sold on subsidized prices. Using budget or portal packages for business purposes is not permitted. Any account found in violation of the terms will be terminated on one week notice to registered email address. Shared hosting packages carry the following resource limit;

  • Zero Tolerance Spam Policy
    1. NinjaSofts observes a zero tolerance policy against the sending of unsolicited emails, bulk emailing, and spam. Safe lists, purchases lists, and selling of lists are considered a spam. We reserve the right to terminate the account of any Users who sends out spam with or without notice.
    2. We may not host websites advertised via spam commonly known as spamvertised may not be hosted on NinjaSofts servers. This provision includes, but is not limited to, spam sent via fax, phone, postal mail, email, instant messaging, or usenet/newsgroups. Any User account which results in our IP space being blacklisted will be immediately suspended and/or terminated.
    3. NinjaSofts reserves the right to require changes or disable as necessary, any website, account, database, or other component that does not comply with our policies, or to make any such modifications in an emergency that we deem necessary at our sole discretion.
    4. NinjaSofts reserves the right to charge the holder of the account used to send any unsolicited e-mail a ‘cleanup fee’ or any charges incurred for blacklist removal at our sole discretion.
  • Defamation Policy

Under the Communication Decency Act (Section 230 (c), NinjaSofts does not remove allegedly defamatory material from websites that are hosted on our servers. We will remove the material found defamatory by a court of law as evidenced by a court order. We are not publishers of the user content and we are unable to investigate the veracity of individual defamation claims. We however do rely on the court of laws to determine whether any material is defamatory. If a court of law determines that a certain material is defamatory, libelous and or slanderous, we will immediately disable access to the material. We will also remove or disable specified content under court of law injunctions.

  • AUP Violations
  1. Direct Customers

NinjaSofts may terminate providing Services to its direct clients with or without any prior notice to the client upon any kind of violation of this AUP. We also reserve the right to report such violations to an appropriate law enforcement agency.

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