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What is Ninja Softs Partnership Program?

NinjaSofts has acquired expertise in retail and accounting solutions over the last eighteen years; continuous feedback from many experienced retailers and wholesalers has enabled NinjaSofts to further refine its products. And now, we are leveraging this experience and industry best practices to build retail partnerships.

We believe there is strength in numbers. Our partnership programme is about leveraging the collective strength of organizations to create a community that joins our mission of catering to the retail industry around the world by providing cutting edge retail solutions.

Who Can Become NinjaSofts Partner?

We seek opportunities to partner with organizations, or exceptional individuals, who are passionate about retail and retail solutions (we provide both on-premise and cloud-based retail solutions)

Our partners value our brand that’s trusted both in Pakistan and 10 countries around the world. The partners market, deploy and provide support services for the retail solutions developed by NinjaSofts. Our current partners include —organizations from Pakistan and – from around the world

Why Partner with NinjaSofts?

NinjaSofts shares healthy revenue with its partners. Partnership creates a win-win situation for both NinjaSofts and its partner companies
NinjaSofts appoints a partner manager who looks after the requirements of the partner companies.
• Sales leads which are generated at NinjaSofts head office are directed towards partners in the respective territories.
• Tried and tested products result in customer satisfaction and quick deployment. This helps the partner companies to close the projects quickly.
NinjaSofts has a dedicated team of engineers who are busy in product enhancements so a very superior product is available for Partner companies to market and sell.
• Continuous support and training is provided to Partner companies so they have up to date knowledge of products.
• Selected vouchers can be marked and flagged. All financial statements and ledgers can be generated with or without these marked vouchers.
• Partners’ feedback about the products from their customers is evaluated by product architects and engineers and, based on the feasibility, the enhancement suggestions are incorporated in the future versions of the products.

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