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Dedicated Webmasters

Need Fully Managed Websites?

Let us help you kick-start your online business. Hire Dedicated Webmasters on a monthly basis. Whether you need a new website or need professionals to manage an existing one. We will handle it all for you!

We understand that owning and running a business means multitasking and trying to take care of everything yourself. But, this can often damage your online presence. We aim to help you solve this problem once and for all with our dedicated webmasters that develop, update and promote your website for you in the most minimum of costs!

Let us take the reigns and we will take care of all the technical steps needed to start your online businesses and websites.


Personal & Small Websites
  • 1 Website
  • CMS Based Development
  • Max. 10 Monthly Updates
  • 72 hr Response time
  • Basic SEO
  • Monthly Reports



Corporate & Ecommerce
  • 1 Website
  • CMS Based Development
  • Max. 30 Monthly Updates
  • 36 hr Response time
  • Basic SEO
  • Monthly Reports


Note: Setup fee will be reduced to half if you already have a developed site.

Can we help you take care of your website? Get in touch with us!

For any custom requirement please contact us

Dedicated Webmasters Packages included;

Website Development & Improvement:

Professional Dedicated Webmasters at Ninja Softs provides you Fully Managed Websites for your Business.
Our dedicated webmasters will build a new site or clean up the existing one in accordance with the latest digital practices. We love working with clients from all industry backgrounds. We have worked with diverse clients ranging from personal to international e-commerce websites for their development and all necessary backend support.

Content Updating & Editing:
You cannot spend your time taking care of your websites, focus on your business and let us take care of your website. Our webmasters will take care of updating and editing your website’s content when needed.

SEO & Search Marketing:
We have a full range of marketing services available when it comes to taking your website to the top of a search engine! Whether it’s Google or any other search engine. We take care of your traffic rates effortlessly

Our on deck SEO experts contribute in handling your online presence in a 360-degree manner i.e all aspects including a dedicated keywords research,  on-page and off page SEO are taken care of diligently!

Social Media Gurus:
Our social media experts have hands-on experience in social media marketing and we love building your business’s presence across all platforms.  Integrated campaigns are a specialty that makes your brand stand out!

Analytics and Reporting:
It’s your business and we keep you in the loop with reports and insights that help you understand your visitors and also attract more! Our monthly reports are centered around these valuable insights and a comparison of all important numbers including ranking!

Updating and Bug Fixing:
Our webmasters make sure that the website and the platform powering it is running healthily and that there are no back doors or bugs that may harm its performance.

Note: Setup fee will be reduced to half if you already have a developed site.

Can we help you take care of your website? Get in touch with us!

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