Five Great PHP Frameworks- An Insight into the World of Web Development

When it comes to programming, a programmer wants a language that is user-friendly as well as time and cost effective. In recent times, PHP has become highly popular amongst programmers, mainly because of its convenience. The availability of reliable web hosting plans for PHP is another reason why the trend of using PHP has been growing over the years.

With the growing world of Information Technology, several PHP frameworks have been introduced into the market. We have listed down a few, which we think are the current best PHP frameworks available:


Laravel was initially built upon the module of several Symfony components, which means that it has a well-tested and reliable code. Its source code, which is hosted on GitHub, is also licensed under the terms of MIT License. Laravel’s eco-friendly nature reuses and assembles live elements, allowing users to develop web applications in a more organized and timely manner. With its elegant syntax, this free PHP web application framework intends to make tiresome web development steps such as queue analysis, authentication, routing, catching, and sessions much easier. Laravel’s powerful tools make it well-suited for all types and sizes of projects, including creating large robust applications in a hassle-free manner.

Some of its best features include:

* Built-in Database Query Builder
* Built-in Unit Testing Support
* “Artisan” Command-Line Interface
* “Blade” Templating Engine
* “Lumen” Micro-Framework
* “Spark” Scaffolding
* REST API Compatibility
* Comprehensive Documentation
* Easy Deployment with “Envoyer”

If you are a beginner looking for free video tutorials to guide you through the process, Laravel will definitely help you.



As the name suggests, CakePHP makes the process of web-development as easy as cake! CakePHP is an open source, the state-of-the-art framework that can be used to create robust and pragmatic PHP applications in a shorter period of time and with less hassle. It is also licensed under the MIT license. It offers several online classes that can assist you throughout the process, allowing you to increase your productivity.

Some of the best features include:

  • Model View Controller Pattern (with translations, database access, caching, validation and authentication pre-built-in)
  • Reusability of Code
  • No Configuration
  • Customization and Modularity
  • RSS and Comments Feeds
  • Flexible ACL



CodeIgniter is yet another powerful but simple web development framework that has been surfacing across the market for about ten years now. When it comes to avoiding typical version conflicts and handling errors, CodeIgniter does a great job. This particular PHP framework is easily expandable. If a more complex functionality is required, more plug-ins can be added. It not only provides an elegant toolkit but also offers a high-security system that includes built-in defense against attacks such as CSRF and XSS. CodeIgniter is also renowned for its high speed in comparison with other available frameworks. It can be modified to use HMVC, which in turn allows a developer to sustain modular grouping of Models, Controller, and View that are arrayed in a sub-directory format.

If used well, Symfony allows the creation of high-speed websites, which are flexible to varying business requirements. Having the support of multiple databases, Symfony is often termed as the best PHP framework for database applications. The databases it can work with include PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite or any other PDO-compatible database.

PHP-libraries in Symfony can be reused and deployed for a variety of tasks like forms creation, objects and templates configuration, authentication, etc. “Composer,” the PHP package manager allows users to install any component easily.

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Zend framework, an assemblage of multiple professional PHP based packages, is an object-oriented framework licensed under the New BSD License. It provides users with a Model View Controller (MVC) along with a Front Controller solution and also uses Composer as part of its package dependency managers.

Zend allows programmers to use building blocks in combination with other frameworks and is easily extensible. Using Zend, you could cut down on unrequired project bloat by taking advantage of its components as individual libraries. You can load the components you require only, instead of using a framework as a whole. No predefined restraints!

Hope we helped!

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