Do you have multiple branches of your business and wants to manage all your business within one software? You are on the right place. We are providing online business management ERP to manage your all business using one linked software.
Each & Every Branch/Location has following different user roles with their limited access to only that branch / location:

  • Manager
  • Cashier
  • Accountant
  • and you can add as many roles & users as you need.

Choosing the Right Point of Sale Software (POS) for Business

Some Common Features are as below:

  • Advanced Product Management (Single, Deals, Variable)
  • Inventory/Stock Management
  • Add Opening Stock for Running Businesses
  • Multiple Invoicing layouts
  • Multiple Users and Logins
  • Custom User Roles & Permissions
  • Retail and Wholesale Different Pricing Groups
  • Rich Featured Point of Sale
  • Quotations, Drafts and Suspended Sales options
  • Different types of payment options (cash, bank, card, cheque)
  • Accounts Management
  • Salesman Commissions on Sales
  • Multiple Discount Options in Purchase & Sale
  • Different Default Selling Prices for Different Customers Groups
  • Product’s Stock Alert for Next Purchase Order
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Profit & Loss Report (by invoice, by dates, by customer etc)
  • Suppliers and Customers Ledgers
  • Complete Stock Report
  • Trending Products Report
  • Cash Registers Report by Sessions/Shifts
  • All in One Complete Product History Report
  • Supplier wise Trading Report
  • Supplier wise Sale Reports
  • Shipping Handling (Slips, Statuses & Charges etc)
  • Advanced Tax Management
  • Stock Transfer from One Business to Other
  • Payment Voucher, Receipt Voucher & Journal Voucher
  • One Click Stock Audit with Stock Adjustment Facility

and much more…

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