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Boutiques & Garments Retail Inventory | POS | Best Software



  • Advanced Product Management
  • Inventory/Stock Management
  • Opening Stock option for running businesses
  • Different options available for invoicing layouts
  • Unlimited Users and Logins
  • Unlimited User Roles & Permissions
  • Retail and WholeSale different Pricing Groups
  • Advanced Point of Sale
  • Quotations, Drafts and Suspended Sales options
  • Different types of payment options (cash, bank, card, cheque)
  • Payment Accounts Management
  • Salesman Commissions  on Sales
  • Advanced Discount options in POS
  • Different Selling Prices for Different customers groups
  • Product’s Stock Alert
  • Comprehensive Reports
    • Profit & Loss Report (by invoice, by dates, by customer etc)
    • Suppliers and Customers Ledgers
    • Stock Report
    • Trending Products Report
    • Cash Registers Report
    • Salesman Report
  • and much more…

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